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Posted: 23 June 2013

Sunday meant a lie in and although there were plenty of dark clouds about when I looked out from our bedroom window the lake was bathed in sun light. Looking at past posts I realised the last time I had posted this view was on our first morning in the house.

The Lake

Living here you forget how much things change. The trees were all in leaf, but now the foliage is so much denser. Back then I hadn't needed to mow the grass and there was only a scattering of lily leaves on the lake. Now I have a wavy mown path running through the grass away from the house, but it is the reeds on the island where there is most dramatic change, with the reeds now nearly six foot tall and much other vegetation behind.

I've missed the longest day, but tonight seemed right for a stroll round the grounds at the end of the day too. Standing close to where I took my favourite view of the lake, found the pike's head, and saw the heron earlier in the month, I took a photo of the house. It's the first I've taken with lights showing in the house.

Lake and House

There's still much to do in the house to get it as we want it and, no doubt, much to discover about the flora and fauna around the lake as winter comes on.

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