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Go to Top A Friend Supplies a Set of Oars

Posted: 6 April 2014

Bernie appeared today, he who helped out Clearing the Trees felled by the wind. He brought the pair of oars that he mentioned he had, or had access to. I was never quite sure if they were his or he simply knew someone who had a surplus pair.

Rowing Dinghy with Oars

We agreed a price and I now I have a boat that should do all I need in terms of lake maintenance.

My first trip wasn't without incident. I knew the rowlocks were not secured in the hull, but thought that even if I lifted them out with the oar, the gap at the top was so narrow that they'd stay with the oar. Not so! Somehow in lifting the oar I twisted it sufficiently that one of the rowlocks slipped to a point where the oar was narrow enough for it to slip off and fall in the water.

That's why there is now a new pair of rowlocks on the boat and a Sea Searcher magnet in my tool box. Why both is another story!

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