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Posted: 10 January 2015

It wasn't the best of days to walk round the grounds, but today I did go to the far corner of the site and took a photograph looking along the length of the peninsula. Since the summer the reed has been cut back along the edge of the peninsula, so you can now see the water and the island beyond.

The Peninsula and Small Island

There has been concern expressed that the trees on the small island, to the right of the picture, are in danger of growing out of control, so it is the plan to clear the island of both them and the reed.

The Peninsula

With the reed gone from the main island, it is now possible to see the bridge. This is something most holiday makers will be unaware of as, in the summer, everything will have grown back again, completely hiding it.

Mystery Holes

Returning to the house I stopped to take a photograph of some new holes that have appeared in the embankment beside the path. They are about the size you might expect for a rabbit burrow, but these are near vertical, and for the moment, at least, none are deeper than 20cm. I'd love to know what creature might have made them.

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