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Posted: 14 April 2015

Looking back I see I didn't take a version of this first image last year. The closest I got was taken on 11 April and concentrated more on the Daffodils in the Foreground than the cottages further way. Although there is a close replica of this year's shot taken on 1 April 2013 and another on 20 April. Both are interesting as they show mow much further into leaf the willow is this year.

The Cottages

This view was taken just after 18:25 at the start of a walk round the grounds. Reaching as far round the lake that you can I then took another view that shows the smaller island and the neighbouring houses in the background.

The Little Island

Beginning to return I took another that almost appears as if I have panned left. Now the recently cleared island shows the cottages in the background.

The Little Island

However, what was most interesting to me was the pair of geese that were sat on the peninsula.

Geese on Guard

I called the image "Geese on Guard" as they both seem to be on the lookout for danger and protecting each other's back, although, if they were human I'd say they obviously weren't talking to each other.

But, for me, it's less about finding a caption for the image and, as with the photos of the cottages, more about comparison with previous years. In 2013 the goose was already on the nest by 3 April and the lone gosling was hatched on 30 April. Last year, perhaps because the eggs had been oiled, and the goose realised things weren't right the nest was abandoned by 18 April. What is going to happen this year?

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