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Posted: 4 May 2015

The signet that has been with us for about a week now seems to have been adopted by the geese. It is almost always within a few yards of them as if it feels they are its parents. The geese don't seem at all disturbed its proximity.

An Adult Swan Arrives

I can't imagine that they will nest this year, it seems far too late, so perhaps they are prepared to accept this over-sized adopted "child". Last year their Nest Was Abandoned by 18 April and in 2013 the New Gosling was first sighted on 30 April.

Swan Approaches At Speed

This afternoon, just before 17:00. I was taken by surprise by unusual calls, so popped outside with my camera. On the lake behind the cottages was a newly arrived adult swan, apparently feeding calmly. Nearer were the geese and signet. As soon as I arrived, the swan lifted its head, turned and approached the three birds at high speed. It's some time since I've seen such a bow wave.

The Adult Swan Turns Left

The geese were not going to keep ahead of the swan and they turned right away from the house. However, it was clearly the signet that the swan was after and it turned towards the house following the swan. Then for half a minute all hell broke loose, with birds dashing this way and that, until, eventually the signet made it's escape from the water.

The First Attack
The Signet Is Almost Caught
The Signet Doubles Back To Be
	Followed By The Adult
The Signet Escapes
Signet Retreats

The signet did not stray too far and was to be seen again at around 20:30 on the bank with the two geese. By then it was too dark to get anything but the blurriest of image on camera. By the time we noticed the adult swan was ashore and there was a charge. The signet took flight and was gone.

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