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Posted: 2 July 2015

Only the other day I was asked about the kingfishers that we see from our lounge. I had checked and responded that in 2014 I had posted my first picture in Late August, so we shouldn't expect to see them yet. However, now I have checked the blog again and see that in our first year here, 2013, I photographed our first on 19 July.

Kingfisher - The First in

Today, it was 13:15 and as I passed through the lounge to the kitchen I spotted my first Kingfisher of the year and on the earliest date yet. It was sitting on the quay heading that runs round our small area of lawn. It was still there when I returned after I rushed upstairs to grab my camera.

Kingfisher - On The Rotting
		Quay Heading

The decking behind the quay heading has some rotten planks in it and the whole things is about to be replaced as it is no longer safe to walk on, so we may not get a another shot quite like this.

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