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Posted: 30 April 2016

It turns out that I only managed to take two photos of the standard lake view this month. The first was on 3 April...

Lake View

It shows the willow well into leaf and the lawn on which the banana bench stands looking well. The remaining trees around the grounds still show no sign of life.

With Spring here, in the lake, there are just a couple of leaves from the pink lilies still breaking the surface of the lake, having made it all through the winter. On the other side the chippings on the path have stood up well over the winter and remain looking quite fresh.

Lake View

Taken a fortnight later, on 17 April, the remaining photograph finds a little more water in the dyke and all the trees in more leaf. But as so often is the case, it's the effect of taking the pictures at a different time of day that makes the most impression as it throws the focus on a completely different set of objects in the picture - although it's not just the different angle of the sun that makes makes you notice how much fuller in bloom the daffodils, hidden amongst the reeds, are in this latest picture.

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