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27 Jul 2015 - Work on building our garage was going well. it needed to be as it was planned to use it to house the bar at our wedding in six weeks time. Read more...

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This site was created in 2013 when we bought Ruston House. Over the years it's changed its form, initially using a dedicated blogging platform. It's original purpose is described in a post which has been preserved in the History area of the site and that has also changed a little.

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The site's focus has always been to report on the variety of flora and fauna found around Ruston House and sometimes the planting or features we've added. Generally, the material is presented according to its location, with the bulk in the The Lake and Grounds area where you start with the most recent records of what's been seen. Once there check the "Related Pages" items on the menu for information about our earlier years at Ruston house. In addition there are pages on areas closer to the house that we refer to as The Gardens.

Besides the Grounds and Gardens pages there's also a set of pages that take you on Full Tours of the grounds.

In 2019 we were given permission by our neighbours, the Trustees of the Poor's Allotment, to build a bridge over the dyke which forms our western boundary. We maintain the far bank of the dyke and also often place a wildlife camera there.

More recently, there's been a log cabin added to the site. We've called it The Manna. Originally, conceived as a venue for Retreat Days, it's now being developed for occasional "off grid" weekend lettings.

We record updates to the site on the What's New page where you can also find a link to use to subscribe to our newsletter which provides emailed notifications of all updates made to the site.

If you're new to the site and what to get a quick overview of what it has to offer why not start with the entries posted in 2013 in the Lake & Grounds area and scroll through the list of entries you see there. Use the Search option on the main menu if you think you may have missed something that might be recorded on the site somewhere.

Have fun exploring the site and Contact Us if you want to offer a comment or correction to what you find here.

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