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Photos: 25/28 March 2014
Text: 9 January 2020

By 25 March there was photographic evidence that a clock, a Christmas present from Sylvia, adorned our front door, as did a decent post box, which replaced the old cool box we had been using.

Front Door

Also present in the front garden on that date was the large metal trunk found behind the reed bed in the grounds, and seen by the fence. It stayed by the gate for a while before going to the tip.

The Front Garden

The trunk was gone three days later.

The Front Garden With Trunk

Also to be seen in the centre of the gravel outside the house was the remains of a bonfire. Greg was extremely reluctant to burn anything in the grounds behind the house. The story had been told how a dead tree had been set fire to once, which then set on fire the peat soil around it. The dip in the ground by the fence by the lawn behind the house, was further evidence that this had happened more than once.

The bonfire site was also proof of the need to top up the gravel in front of the house. With adequate gravel it should have been possible to hide the fire site simply by raking some gravel over it, but there was not sufficient depth to do that.

The Front Garden

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