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Photos: 21-31 October 2014
Text: 31 December 2019

it was more than a year after moving that work finally begun on improving the whole of the area in front of the house. By now we had a clear plan for the garage.

Gone was idea that it would include a third bay to act as replacement for the temporary shed. It was to be a simple two bay cart shed and, with confidence that may have been misplaced as we hadn't applied for planning permission, part of the brief to North Walsham Garden Centre was that they should construct a 6m x 7m base for our proposed garage.

Work Starts

Karl arrived with a mini digger on 21 October. He wasn't just there to create the garage base and there were interruptions as he had commitments elsewhere one day a week, so it took till the following week before the garage base was ready to have the concrete poured.

Ready For Concrete
Pouring Concrete
Pouring Concrete

On the day there was a degree of panic as Karl got calls repeatedly delaying the arrival of the cement lorry. Calls to the garden centre were made to delay the arrival of the extra staff needed to help spread and level the concrete. The sodium floodlight, left from the days when the front garden was the fishing lake car park, had detected the gloom and lit before the lorry arrived.

Garage Site
Garage Site

Two days later the tape still surrounded the setting concrete, but on Friday 31 October the tape was taken down. Three mock pillars were erected to represent the uprights on the cart shed and the car driven onto the base. Successful reversing manoeuvres were made to check whether it was really true that it would be easy enough to turn the car and not have to reverse onto the lane.

Garage Site

Karl's final act of the day was to load his trailer with the remains of the old shed that had stood in the front garden. He was due to return the following week to continue with the edging and re-surfacing of the front garden.

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