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Photos: 12/15 November 2014
Text: 31 December 2019

After the construction of the foundations of the proposed garage work continued on the rest of the front garden project. There were interruptions, as Karl had commitments back at the garden centre one day a week, but by 12 November cementing in the brick edging was complete, almost the only work done that required him to leave the seat of his digger, and most of the ground covered in a fresh layer of gravel.

The Front Garden
The Front Garden

The last of the three pictures taken that day shows how, at that point, the expectation was that we would run a tall fence from the font corner of the garage directly to the hedge at the front of the garden. This was going to create a utility area, that could keep the oil tank out of sight and provide a space for compost bins and, perhaps, a tool store. This accounts for the way the edging had been laid along the hedge with a curve towards the garage and then a sharp turn and straight edge back to the hedge.

The Front Garden

Three days later, on Saturday 15 November, the final "job done" pictures were taken. The first shows that it was over the summer that our neighbours had decided it was time to cut down the tree that overhung where the new road-side semi-circular bed now is. It had been a nice feature to feel that together with the sycamore trees on the other side of the our entrance there was an archway of vegetation so that you seemed to enter into our grounds rather than onto them. However, it was understandable that Jim wanted the tree down as it shed sticky sap which spoiled any car parked under it.

The Front Garden

The remaining pictures show more clearly the extent of the new edging and where we had eventually decided that our various pot plants should be sited around the house.

The Front Door
The Front Bed
The Garage Site

The final picture also indicates that we had not finalised the decision on the "utility area" near the hedge. A length of timber laid in the ground was simply to provide a straight edge against which the rake the gravel. The bricks running along its length are laid on the earth and not concreted in as the others are.

There were delays caused by the late delivery of the bricks for the gravel edging so work on site was not finally completed until Friday 14 November and I took my "job completed" photographs on the Saturday.

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