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Photos: 15/19 February 2015
Text: 13 May 2020

On Sunday 15 February we began planting up the flower beds that had been created around the house the Previous October.

Planting the Beds

The beds all needed a lot of digging to remove stones and hard core that had formed the bed of the fishing lake car park in earlier days.

Planting the Beds

The third photo was taken part way through the work at around 14:45 when the bed is seen unfinished...

Planting the Beds

...but that was rectified on the following Wednesday and you see the finished bed below.

The Beds Planted

Meanwhile, round the side of the house were a pile of slabs, destined to become a new patio to be constructed on the lawn in front of the shed, and some plants still to find a home in beds somewhere.

Lawn Patio Slabs

We're rarely up early enough to get a sunlit picture of the front of the house, but on 19 February he managed it. This photograph is significant only because it is the first to show the posts the Green Team provided to discourage delivery vehicles from driving over what was then the new brick edging. It was Last November that three posts were added to each side of the entrance.

Front Entrance

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