Ruston House

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Photos: 3-28 April 2015
Text: 13 May 2020

Since last month, when the decision had finally been taken about how to deal with the front garden, work continued on improving the what had been the hedge.

The Front Hedge

By the 3rd the sifting of the soil in the bed had been completed. The Green Team had also taken the chainsaw to all the lesser hawthorns and other shrubbery. The front was to be truly "Open Plan".

Goose In Field

One of the advantages that we hadn't really thought about in taking the decision to open up the front garden was that we would be able to see more of what was going on in the field opposite. Before the hedge came down we wouldn't have been able to spot the goose that we saw on 8 April.

The best views of the front of the house need to be taken early as it faces virtually due east. I'm not good at getting up early enough to take advantage of the sun, but Tuesday 28th was an exception. The first image I took shows how not only had the bed across the front of the house had been prepared for seeding, but also the semi-circular bed on the other side of the entrance had had a weeping birch planted and the bed around it was ready for planting with bulbs.

Ruston House
Ruston House

The second image is the first one I took that shows the new steps that had been created, to make the route to the post box or the Butchers Arms a little more direct! Construction of the steps had proved to be a lot more hard work that initially imagined. With hindsight it was easy to realise how many tree roots would need to be sawn through!

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