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Photos: 9/15July 2015
Text: 13 May 2020

There's been lots of work going on around the grounds over the last couple of months, but now is definitely the time to show what has been going on on the far side of the house, with a couple of photos taken on 9 July.

Side Garden

The bed against the southern wall of the house was created at the beginning of the year by the Green Team. Since then Diana has planted it and now her work is beginning to show fruit as can be seen.

To the left not much has been done so far, but there is the thought to create a deck on which to arrange pot plants. As it is, not only is the slope in the wrong direction for showing of plants, but it is a difficult site to work without the risk of wet feet or worse.

Side Garden & Lake

Moving forward we reach the back of the house and gain a view of the lake. However, in an extension of the bed at the side of the house a square yard has also been planted with a old branch used as a marker to distinguish between "garden" and "grounds".

Part Relaid Patio

On the other side of the fence work then went on to take down the pergola and re-lay the patio. The photos, taken on 15 July, don't instantly reveal that it involved more work than it might have done. The concrete bed of the patio had to be broken up before new sand could be laid to form a new base of the patio.

Part Relaid Patio

As all the existing slabs were being re-used there were some with cut- outs where the pergola supports used to be. These slabs were laid where it was hoped they'd be out of sight under the proposed replacement for the original pergola.

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