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Photos: 1/25 August 2015
Text: 13 May 2020

With my work last month relaying the patio behind the music room complete, I was able to put together the replacement for the pergola. This metal affair was called a "Grill Gazebo" and it was finally erected and in place on 1 August.

The Grill Gazebo

With the replacement decking around the main garden done I was free to move to that side of the house to build a brand new patio. This was intended to take another gazebo. By the first of the August it had arrived and the packages were laid on the Recently Completed Decking.

It took a while to complete the patio as the ground had to be built up and supported with boards that Roger had left over from the decking work. As things turned out the patio and decking did not mate in the prettiest of ways and after these photos were taken, on 25 August, the step in the decking was slightly re-sited and a couple of extra boards to the decking added.

The Gazebo Frame

Once the patio was complete I was able to start to erect the gazebo. You can see that the freshly seeded soil that was used to back fill around the new decking was beginning to grow nicely, thanks to the nightly watering it was being given.

The Frame Fault

Part way through putting the gazebo frame together a problem was discovered. Some of the bars designed to hold up strips fabric between the gazebo's main beams were too short, and it was possible two slide them right out of the frame. It was arranged that it would be returned, but we had a holiday booked, which we referred to as a pre-nuptial honeymoon. In the end it was arranged that it would not be collected till after the wedding in mid-September.

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