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Posted: 9 February 2022

For a number of years we have talked about the issues we have with keeping the inside of the house free of the leaves that get brought in on our shoes over the autumn and winter months.

The trouble is that when the birch and sycamore around the front of the house drop their leaves in autumn they all get caught in eddies and accumulate in the corner of the house between the office and the front door. Particularly when wet, it is impossible to clear them from the gravel. Attempts to rake them into piles and clear them away fail. Some are always left to get picked up on one's shoes when walking from the garage.

When, in September last year, we had the patio replaced outside the Music Room, we ended up with over forty 60cm square paving slabs, plus more that were cut to ensure a snug fit or that wrapped around the posts that originally supported the pergola on the patio. These had been kept stored on the Arbour Seat patio awaiting a final decision on how to use them.

The New

Today saw half of those slabs being laid to form a path to the front door. The hope is that, in future, it should be far easier to sweep the paving to keep the approach to the the house free of leaves over those autumn months and, with a clear bit of ground to stand on, check that shoes are free of leaves before entering the house.

Now we just have to wait till next year to test the theory.

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