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Posted: 24 April 2013

If the weather is warm and sunny at lunch time, the builders and will sit on the decking behind the house. After eating, David has taken to wandering down the side of the lake, by the fishing stands, trying his hand at pike spotting. He usually tells me he's seen one or two.

Today, I took my lunch with them and had my camera with me. After eating, we both took a stroll along the lake edge, David a few feet ahead of me. This time it wasn't a pike that David spotted, but a grass snake. It had probably been in the grass just ahead of us and slipped into the water as we approached.

By the time I located it in my view finder it was already halfway across the "bay" at the back of the house heading towards the decking on the far side. The first photo I took turned out a little less blurry than the second one I attempted from the decking, so it is that first photo you see here.

Grass Snake Swimming

Of course, the poor snake had no chance of climbing the quay heading and making its way onto land there, so three feet short of the quay heading it turned left and out onto the open water of the lake, crossing to the island where we lost sight of it.

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