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Posted: 10 August 2013

After a Saturday morning lie in we got up at around 09:40 to find the Motor of Swans was back.

Swans Feeding

This time they were in the lake behind the house, sucking up the weed and and nibbling the growth from the decking. They soon moved on round the corner to spend the rest of the morning behind the cottages.

We spotted them again at around 12:20. This time the adults were gathering together the youngsters and encouraging them ashore.

Swans Leaving the Lake

With hindsight I should have widened the field of view for the second shot. Then you might have seen the lone Canada goose that seemed to be wanting to join the family as a mock signet. I was so taken with it as we watched it leap ashore following the young swans, only to be chased away by the trailing adult swan that I forgot to take a photograph of the incident in progress.

With the goose despatched the family then proceeded, single file, through the long grass on the other side of my mown lakeside path and into the dyke beyond.

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