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Posted: 3 September 2013

It's still not as crisp as I'd like, but this must be one of the best pictures I've managed to get so far of a Kingfisher...


Twenty seconds earlier I had managed to capture him on top of the four foot high lamp standard you see on the corner of the decking in this picture...

Scaring the Goose Away

That picture was taken in May when, during a tea break, our builder was endeavouring to get close enough to the goose nest to see the state of the rest of the eggs after the one gosling to hatch had arrived - you can see it, half hidden by reed, in the background, escorted by "Daddy Goose"!


Today's Kingfisher pictures were all taken at around 09:20 through the patio doors of the lounge. The background of the first one shows the dramatic difference in the depth of droop of the willow and height of the reeds on the island. You tend to fail to notice the change when you look out at it day by day.

All three images are taken through the patio doors of the lounge. I dared not slide them open as experience has taught me that the birds instantly fly away if you open a window.


Edit - 5 September:

The kitchen door had leaked in the strong northerly rain storms we had a few days ago. Today David, our builder, called round to fix the problem. After doing the work the first thing he did was stroll round to the back of the house to see what wildlife there was to spot. We both stood on the decking in amazement as a pair of Kingfishers swooped and dived right in front of us, showing none of their usual timidness and seemingly completely oblivious to our presence.

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