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Go to Top A Third Visit within a Week by a Cormorant

Posted: 9 October 2013

A little after 11:40 this morning and once again I saw the Cormorant. I say "the" cormorant, but I can't really say that I know it's been the same one that has visited the lake each time over the last week or so.


It was sunny again and this time I spotted the bird perched on the balustrade of the bridge to the island. I dashed upstairs to the bed room to get my camera. This was the first time I managed to photograph the bird in a pose that showed that a cormorant is not black all over, so I was pleased about that, at least.

I do begin to speculate whether it is going to become a permanent feature of the lake over the winter. While it has only made very fleeting visits, a bit like the swans that seem to come and go, it does make you wonder if this could be the start of something longer term.

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