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Posted: 15 January 2014

What with the excitement of Christmas and the new year, I have not been recording all that I might have done, of late. The first picture, this time, was taken on 2 January. It's not quite from the usual angle as this time I was downstairs when I took it. There's something about the lake in the morning, especially when there's blue sky and sunshine, that makes the view irresistible. After all, it is the main reason we moved here!

The Lake from Downstairs

I excuse myself taking so many with the justification that today's will come in useful as a comparison for another taken in some month's time. It's the same with this next one. At the moment it just seems too similar to all the other frosty ones I have taken since autumn. However, I'm sure that some day I'll find something of significance in it that won't be apparent till then.

Another Frosty Morning

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