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Posted: 22 March 2014

For some reason, last year, I didn't take any photographs of the daffodils that bloomed around the grounds at Ruston House.

You can see the leaves of sprouting daffodils in some of the photographs in the Second Post made in the blog. Incidentally, that second post involved a sighting of Egyptian Geese, but none of that species have been spotted so far this year.

The daffodils only other appearance was as mere background on the day we had our First Sight of the Gosling on 30 April. So this year it's time I made amends.

Daffodils on the Island

On the island there are a number of clumps, all of which are on the side that face the cottages, though, not all have been visible from there because of the reeds which have not been cut back as they were in the autumn before we moved in.

Daffodils by the Summer

There are quite a few more clumps on the embankment between the summerhouse and the reed bed. This is the area where the bluebells started to bloom as the daffodils faded and in turn went on to reveal a good Display of Foxgloves.

Daffodils on the Path behind
		the Reed Bed

The final area where you see more than one clump of daffodils is on the high level path leading to the back of the reed bed. It is the flowers in this area whose leaves you can spot in that early post made last year.


We seem to have lost our pair of Canada Geese. While the male was certainly staking a Claim for Territory a month back, in the last week we've only seen a single goose, so something seems to have gone wrong.

Lone Goose

After taking the photos of the daffodils, I moved round to the tip of the peninsula, in the communal grounds of the cottage, to find our now lone goose standing there in glorious isolation.

The Small Island

Turning 180° you see only the small island at what I always think of as the head of the lake.

This is the area where most time was spent by the "work party" on the morning before the cottage owner's AGM in November last year. Although work needs to be done to clear reeds from the water, it has opened up the area a lot and could, potentially, be an area from which people would be more inclined to fish.

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