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Posted: 1 April 2014

According to my blog, it was shortly before five o' clock when I took a Picture of the Cottages last year. As that time arrived this year it was an equally pleasant day, so I decided an anniversary photograph would be appropriate.

The Cottages

I was only when I went to compare the photographs that I realised they must have been taken an hour apart. Then I realised, neither last year nor this had I remembered to change the clock on my camera when the change to summer time was made. I corrected the camera immediately, but I'm not sure how much longer it took last year!

While I notice the new dinghy and shed appear on this year's image, others will spot how well advanced the willow and some of the others trees are this year. Until seeing this picture I had also not fully recognised how well trimmed the island had been before we moved in last year.

With the picture of the cottages in the bag I made a tour of the grounds. Again I found the lone goose, this time sitting on further back on the peninsula.

Daddy Goose

Passing through the gate to our private grounds, I made a startling discovery, which accounted for so much over the last few weeks. On the small island beyond the peninsula "Mummy Goose" was sitting on a nest. So the arrival of swans and "loss" of one of the geese over the recent weeks were not linked, as I had once thought. I simply had not been using my eyes.

On the Nest

It should have been the obvious place to look. It had been a surprise to others that the geese had nested right behind the duck house last year. Now I recalled that the expectation last year was that the nest site would be on this small island.

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