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Posted: 12 April 2014

Looking at our little dinghy today I found a clump of floating irises.

Floating Irises

I had to assume they had broken free from the those growing on the other side of the bay at the back of the house.

The Main Clump of Irises

I didn't feel they could be left where they were so I decided to move them over to the island where they might take root and anchor themselves. I loosely wrapped the mooring line around the floating mass, grabbed the oars and rowed round the corner. The line came free once, but it only took moments to get them to the site where I planned to leave them.

The trouble came when I tried to get them through the outermost line of reeds and closet to the bank. Both reeds and the irises put up a fight. I had hoped to pull aside some of the reeds and push the irises in behind, letting the reeds spring back and so keeping the wandering plants in place.

It didn't work quite as I had hoped. Either the bank was shallower there then I realised, or there was a lot of underwater growth that I could not see, or the iris roots themselves went much deeper than I had supposed.

After a struggle I did get them past the outermost line of reeds, but they didn't spring back quite as I had hoped. This has left the irises a little more exposed than I had hoped. An off-shore breeze might well be enough to have the plants wandering again.

The New Site for the Irises

Now I hope they brighten the view from the cottages. They are clearly visible, half way between a good sized tree on the island and one of the fishing stands, that itself is almost invisible, screened by reeds. In fact as I got close the the stand with the boat I realised that there is already a small clump of irises there, which are very well protected by the reeds

We shall just have to wait and see what happens.

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