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Posted: 13 May 2014

It has been a while since I posted my usual "comparison picture" of the lake taken from our bedroom window, so the time has come...

Lilies In The Lake

It will be seen that the trees, not to mention the Lilies, have developed rapidly since a picture I took on 27 March...

The Lake

This photo has not been published before although one showing just the lake, taken on the same day, was posted. It was shortly after the earlier image that the lilies leaves first appeared on the surface, as reported on 10 April.

Checking back earlier this year, I see the last time I posted a picture showing how the trees looked was on 15 January, with the picture itself taken on 12 January. I really must get round to taking regular pictures of this view!

Equally, interesting might be the comparison with the image taken on the day we moved in on 10 May last year...

The Lake - First Morning

You can see that things are quite dramatically further advanced this year. The other thing that's noticeable, given our lack of interest in fishing is the lack of mowing of the lakeside on the left and the reeds on the island, left uncut from last year.

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