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Posted: 5 June 2014

There's no exciting news today, though perhaps a disappointment to report.

We're another 10 days on from my last Comparison Photo, so I felt it was time for some more...

General View of the Lake

Once again you can see that there's more growth in and around the lake. The lilies are continuing to produce more leaves and trees around the lake are looking bushier still, but the profusion of yellow flowers between the lake and the mown path are past their prime.

Lake from the Lounge

For some reason I decided to try the same view from the lounge today. At around 09:00 in the morning the area where the summerhouse once stood is in deep shade, so it's hard to notice that it is missing in these pictures.

I did wonder, last year, if the way the pink lilies, the ones in the right foreground, seemed to grow above the water level because what was really happening was that the water level was dropping, but I think I can now say that is not the case.

However, the disappointment I mentioned is that we have realised that in the last 10 days our one remaining resident goose has gone.

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