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Posted: 3 August 2014

It was around 08:25 this morning when I spotted this bird, a breed I didn't recognise and seeming to struggle amongst the lilies at the back of the house.

Juvenile Moorhen

Some 20 minutes later, the same or a similar bird was to be seen a few yards away on one of the fishing stands. Only then did I realise the length of the legs and the probable reason for the struggle in the lilies. Moorhen will often walk across the lilies without a struggle.

Juvenile Moorhen

It's a puzzle that I need to solve.

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Posted: 10 August 2014

Today I made time to upload the images to iSpot and got the response:

If you Google "juvenile Moorhen" you will see some pictures that are the spitting image of your bird. By the end of the winter they should be showing the bill as you know it.

It was a surprise to me as we haven't seen any evidence of a local breeding pair. Indeed, I often comment how you only ever see single Moorhen. I think it's only once I have seen two together.

But then nor have I seen this bird again!

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