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Posted: 18 August 2014

Another of the now traditional view of the lake from the bedroom window was overdue. The most recent I posted before today's was taken on Monday 21 July.

General View of the Lake

In comparison with the last picture, today's shows a lake almost completely cleared of the native lilies. In one way that is a shame. I prefer the idea of having only native plants, but as can been seen from the post made on Wednesday 2 July, if you don't keep the native lilies in check then they would rapidly take over the entire lake. At least with the cultivated varieties we have behind the house they stay in distinct clumps and it is easier to keep the plants to specific areas. Having got the lake into this state, it looks as if it will continue to be a constant task keeping it this way throughout the rest of the summer.

You can see a good pile of pond weed and reeds on the decking by the boat. This was lifted or cut yesterday as I like to allow anything removed from the lake to dry out a little before I cart it to the "compost area" on the far side of the embankment near the new Arbour Seat.

On the other side of the picture you see that you can now see the boundary dyke. That is not down to me. Our neighbour constantly tends its banks and once or twice a year comes across to our side and cuts down any excess vegetation. What it reveals this time is dyke filled with the floating weed that the swans seem to like so much.

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