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Go to Top A Kingfisher! Best Pictures Yet!

Posted: 22 August 2014

About 13:20, I passed through the lounge on my way to the kitchen to see a Kingfisher on the decking outside the patio doors. I rush to get the camera to find the bird still there on the edge looking this way and that, presumably for food!


Twenty seconds later the bird is still there and I manage to get an image that stands up to some closer cropping.


Ten seconds after that I press the shutter again, expecting a catch another similar shot but, hopefully, one of still better quality. However, after the slight delay, while the camera processes and stores the image taken, what the screen on the back of the camera reveals is something a little different...


And that was it! The bird had flown...


...but not far. It stayed a brief while on the fishing stand. But as there were no more close-ups to be had, I went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

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