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Posted: 2 September 2014

It was shortly after 16:00 when I spotted that young swan had climbed out of the lake. That's not unusual. She has a spot on the edge of the peninsula where it seems that she sleeps and has worn away all the grass there.

Swan Taking A Walk

What was unusual this time was that instead of making her way almost directly across our main path so she could slip into the dyke, she made a left turn and started towards the house.

Slowly, as if wondering whether this was really what she wanted to do, she came on and half a minute later was still proceeding towards the house.

Swan Taking A Walk

Then, moments after taking my second picture, she turned back, as if thinking better of straying too far from the water's edge...

Swan Taking A Walk

But then she turned again and this time kept coming...

Swan Taking A Walk

Finally, once she'd almost reached the irises by the end of the fence where the kingfisher had perched a few days ago, she made a left turn and then crashed into the water.

Swan Taking A Walk

And that was it! I've no idea whether she was searching for a new way to the dyke, got lost, or just fancied some exercise.

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