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Posted: 22 September 2014

We had had a taste of what we saw this morning Back In August when I took a photo of the lake behind the cottages with its covering of orange seeds. Then, Earlier This Month we saw a rather different seed drop. This morning we found that the wind overnight had blown yet another seed drop onto our side of the lake creating the most impressive drop seen since we moved here. However, the seed drops don't float for long. Within a few hours they had all sunk, which always makes me worry about what the implication is for eventual dredging of the lake.

Birch Seeds

One of the things I always like to do is to make comparisons with previous pictures of the lake, to show how the seasons are developing. This was How Things Looked A Month Ago, when I made a post on 21 August.

The Lake A Month Ago

Autumn is definitely on its way. The tinges of brown are everywhere in today's photo!

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