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Posted: 27 September 2014

It was a glorious day and time for an inspection of the grounds before we were due to go to a party. I wandered around with my camera in hand. What brought me out of the house initially was an adult swan.

Adult Swan

All summer we have had a young swan with us, which I last photographed on 7 September By The Cottages. Having an adult, with its bright orange bill, on the lake was a little different and it did make such a pretty picture!

Swan in lake

Leaving the decking behind the house and walking beside the lake I was surprised to see a Southern Hawker still about. It struck me that this would probably be the last I would see this year.

Southern Hawker

On the other side of the path is the dyke that separates us from our neighbours. Today there were two new holes that could clearly be seen in the far bank. These holes seem to appear and disappear with equal speed. I am never sure why this should be, wondering if the burrows get crushed and then abandoned after our neighbour runs his ride-on lawn mower over the top, or if there's some other cause.

Vole Holes

Walking on I came to the bank behind the reed bed. My eye was drawn to what I first thought were stones I had never noticed before, but I then realised I was looking at a fungues I had never seen before. iSpot came to the rescue and I now know I was looking at examples of the "Common Earthball".

Earthball Fungi

Also on the corner near the fungi I noticed the trampled ground and down that I associate with a swan's roost. I did wonder if this was where our visiting swan had spent the night as our resident youngster has its well used roost on the peninsula behind the main island.

Swan Roost

Finally, I completed my tour by walking the "New Path" that runs beside the rear dyke, which I created earlier this year. In the soft mud it was easy to see deer prints as the path makes its turn in the north west corner of the site.

Deer Prints
Site Of Deer Prints

The last photograph is just to remind me of the general location of the prints in the previous picture. I still await the time I actually see a deer in the grounds of the house. It would also be good to see something other than Muntjac Deer. Maybe I'm misjudging things but the prints we always see seem too small to be anything but the smallest of the deer we see in this part of the world.

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