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Posted: 16 October 2014

As usual I have been taking my periodic general views of the lake from our bedroom window. However, I have decided that, normally, it is better not to publish them the day I take them, as I have tended to do in the past. From now on I'll try to upload a number together, so it is easier to spot the changes.

The Duck House

Today, this is the view you get of the duck house. Experience suggests that at "normal" water level you see, not just the whole ramp that leads to the duck house, but some two inches of the supports for the low end of the ramp.

Looking back at the photos I took from the bedroom window, at first glance you'd say that that there is not much difference between the one I took on last Friday and the one I took yesterday - other than the boat is facing the other way...

Lake View
Lake View

But look again and you see that the dyke dividing us from the neighbours is considerably higher. I've always said that it is noticeable how the water level in the lake seems to react in slow motion to what is happening in the surrounding dykes.

The Duck House

One other thing that I noticed today was the two groups of lilies that sit in the "bay" behind the house. The leaves are all fresh young ones, lying flat on the water. I have always thought it strange how the pink ones, in particular, always seem to grow on stalks taking them 6-9" above the water, where they then begin to get brown edges and curl up. You get some some idea of this from the view I took of the lake on 22 September when there was a Deluge of Seeds.

Flat Lilies

It seems all the old leaves have now died back and are now rotting on the bottom of the lake. I don't remember seeing this last year. I'll have to look out for it next October.

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