Ruston House

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Posted: 6 December 2014

The clearing of nettles and other vegetation from the end of the island nearer the house has continued and is now complete. In a photograph taken three days ago you can see how, from our bedroom window, we can see right across the island to the tip of the peninsula that is a favourite spot for some holiday makers to fish from.

The Cleared Island

The other thing you notice is that now all the vegetation has been gathered together in what I now refer to, inappropriately, as the "long barrow"! I wish I had had my camera with me as, when on the island talking with Andi and Bex, a weasel appeared from underneath it.

Geese On The Island

The trouble with clearing the island, in particular any growth from the bank, was that we knew we would be inviting the geese ashore. Before we moved to Ruston House I had read up on Canada Geese and learned this. The proof of that was seen today as, for the first time, we saw a family of geese relaxing in the sun just behind the "duck house".

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