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Go to Top The Geese Return and the Grounds Cleared

Posted: 01 February 2015

It was just after 08:30 when I looked out of the window to take my regular "Lake View". The snow of a couple of days ago had gone and it was sunny, but with dark clouds to the west. One of the advantages of having had so much of the island cleared is that you can now see to the peninsula beyond. It seems that since the ice of a week ago has gone the geese have returned.

Geese on the Peninsula

It was only later, around 14:00, that I started a stroll round part of the grounds to get a sense of how much more you can see and how the Green Team continue with the clearance of reed and weed from around the site.

Going Round The Lake

I started with a view from the decking behind the house and then moved on to catch the cottages looking good in the bright sun.

Going Round The Lake

By now the geese had moved to one of their usual spots on the bank behind the cottages. You can see that the water level is a little high - it's touching the bottom of the ramp to the Duck House. Experience suggests that 2" below the bottom of the ramp is "normal height".

Going Round The Lake

My next stop was on the bridge to the island where I took a look back towards the house and cottages. After a 10 minute wander round the island it was back across the bridge to take a look across to the tip of the peninsula.

Going Round The Lake

The last work party that the cottage owners held at their AGM last November did a lot to clear growth from the peninsula. It looks still more bare than the island at the moment.

Going Round The Lake

My last view today was looking back towards the bridge. The sun had gone in and I'd been out for almost half an hour and I was beginning to feel chilly.

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