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Posted: 4 April 2015

The last time I had taken a wander round the grounds with my camera was Sunday 1 February. Today was another bright day and this time I was to concentrate on seeing the how much of the trees and shrubs had succumbed to the wind over winter and what had been done to tidy things.

I started my round by taking the "High Road", the path that runs along the southern boundary of the site. It passes the reed bed and then drops down suddenly as you need to turn at the corner of the site. The first photo I took shows the ground beyond the reed bed. Here all the undergrowth has been cleared and a start has been made to separate the different grades of twigs and smaller branches.

Behind The Reed Bed

Walking forward to stand just beyond the incinerator I see what I often think of as my favourite view of the lake. It's one that shows more of its character. I was told that it had been dug out to simulate a trout stream rather than appear as a simple body of water in the way that the lakes on the parish common are. Looking at the lake from this angle it appears as an almost natural meandering river. Apart from the yellow life saver hung from a pole on the ground there's no sign of its man made nature.

Favourite Lake View

Step forward a little and you get much the same view that I took on 18 February while The Green Team were working to clear the bank. Since then a couple of the boards in the fence have been taken down, so that it is possible to walk along the bank.

Cleared Bank

Swing the camera round and you get a very different impression from that of the rural isolation that you saw earlier!

House And Cottages

Looking across the main island is, perhaps, the best view for showing how much has been done to it. Our plan is to construct a circular path around the island with branches off towards the house and towards the northern tip. In the centre the hope is that we can have some kind of sheltered platform where we can have picnics taking advantage of the views the lake. As a result we have cleared some of the vegetation in the centre of the island, including taking down the Large Buddleia that appeared in an entry in August 2013.

Dykeside Path

Now you see the view part way along the path that runs beside the dyke on our western boundary looking back towards the area beyond the reed bed.

Dykeside Path

Further along the path splits as taking the path nearer the dyke we find the large store of smaller timbers. The plan is to get all this chipped and laid on the paths.

Dykeside Path

Moving further on we've turned the corner and are now following the northern border to the site looking westward. It's all such a change from March 2014 when we first managed to break through the forest that previously existed here and completed what I was then referring to as the "New Path".

Felled Timber

Returning by the lake-side rather then dyke-side or "new" path I photograph the stack of larger logs that are planned to be used to form path edging around the circular path to be built on the island.

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