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Posted: 30 April 2015

This month there are four "Lake Views", taken at very roughly weekly intervals.

Lake View

The first image from 7 April was taken just before 08:10 and it looks very similar to that taken last week. Even the dinghy is in an almost identical position. The only difference seems to be the wind. This time the reflections of the trees show as there a no ripples in the water.

Lake View

Almost a week later at 12:30 on 13 April, again the images look much the same. Perhaps there is a little more growth on the dark strip beside the dyke, but that might be because the ground is a little drier. It would seem there is the beginning of leaf growth in the trees, with the willow particularly advanced.

For some the stand out feature will be how the change in lighting can affect things. A different angle of the sun changes things quite dramatically, with some things that that appeared highlighted in full sun are now in shade.

Lake View

Just four days later at 08:10 on 17 April it is the greening of the image that stands out. Suddenly, there is no doubt about the leaves on the trees other than the willow.

Lake View

Now, at 08:30 on 28 April we have virtually full growth on all the trees and, whereas, in the previous picture, one could just about make out a single lily leaf, now there is no mistaking the growth with many having broken the surface.

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