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Posted: 20 August 2015

Close to the house the path round the grounds has a topping of wood chippings which are prevented from spreading with logs placed on each side of the path. It was the first time that I recall ever seeing a lizards - and I don't just mean at Ruston House - but that is clearly what they were, sunbathing on the logs.

Lizards on Path Edge

I imagine it is a perfect spot for them. The vegetation besides the path provides both shelter from the breeze and a place in which they can quickly hide and also, being on the north side of the path, in the full midday sun providing the best possible warming for them.

Lizards on Path Edge

I read that they give birth to live young in July that are black in colour and just over an inch long. Perhaps that is why some of those I photographed seemed darker that the larger ones. As the logs are about five inches in diameter the largest of those seen in these photographs are clearly fully mature adults.

Lizards on Path Edge

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