Ruston House

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Photos: 4 September 2015
Text: 7 October 2022

Things have moved on since the First Report about the construction of the Tree house. Roger has begun to construct the base which is rapidly reaching completion.

Tree House Base

While that first report showed that the Tree House roof is to be hexagonal and supported on six oak trunks, the base itself is to have two square corners. That is to allow for a slight projection that is intended to be used to site a simple barbecue.

Tree House Base

The boardwalk that is to be constructed on the approach to the Tree House is still to be started. The lake is extremely high at the moment and the board walk is intended to allow access to the Tree House at all times. This area is one where a buddleia used to grow. It was cut down along with nettles and brambles to provide the space for the Tree House.

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