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Go to Top A Male Muntjac Inspects a Scrape

Posted: 27 August 2017

We bought a "wildlife camera" a while ago. The hope then was that we could get images of what were believed to be voles that had been burrowing in the bank from close by the house to near the arbour seat. That was unsuccessful. We now hope to discover the range of creatures that visit the grounds overnight. It's taken a while to get the kind of still and video shots we had hoped to capture. This is our first "successful" video, captured last night.

It's success in the sense that it you can see we have a Muntjac deer. It's close to a scrape which has been been a bit of a puzzle. We have no idea what creature might have created it. That's why we pointed the camera at it, in the hope that whatever created it would be back - but we don't think the deer is what we had hoped to see.

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