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Photos: 5 May - 14 June 2018
Text 30 September 2022

Although a pair of Canada geese were around and photographed at the same time as this first photo of the Swans beginning to nest, there is nothing in my photographic record that shows that they produced young.

Swan Nesting

This first photo was taken shortly after midday on 5 May when nest building was well advanced with the cob in close attendance.

Swan on Nest

By the 26 May the nest looks much better camouflaged as there is much more growth around it.

Eggs Exposed

Two days later and I manage to get close to the nest while the pen is away feeding.

Swan with Cygnets

On 14 June, they hatch. While there only appear to be three in this photo, five were to be seen once they all got into the water and that's one more than hatched last year.

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