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Photos: 14 June 2019
Text 28 September 2022

It's Friday! I had moved on from taking photos of the Swan and newly hatched cygnets to take photos of the boardwalk and bridge that now allow us to cross to the Poor's Allotment. These were structures we had requested Roger and his team build after they completed the rebuilding of the decking behind the house.

The New Boardwalk and Bridge

You approach the boardwalk by taking the "New Path" that leaves the main path round the lake in the area we call "The Dip". It was to serve two purposes. We wanted to keep the path alongside the dyke on our western boundary as dry as possible, even when water levels are high and we wanted to give ourselves access to the opposite bank so we could keep the vegetation there in check. We wanted that to allow a little more light through onto the ground on our side of the dyke.

The New Boardwalk

The boardwalk is a nominal 120cm wide and is edged. The hope is that this will be sufficient to keep wheelchairs safely on the deck should we ever manage to get the rest of the pathways fully all-weather surfaced.

The New Bridge

The bridge is 90cm wide and not edged as that is not intended for others to use and only needs to be wide enough to take a wheelbarrow comfortably.

The New Boardwalk

The boardwalk has a gentle curve to it with five distinct sections of unequal length. It's path was designed to follow the general principle of all the paths that has been created on the site that you should never be able to see more than 10 yards ahead. Of course, that does depend on there being sufficient growth of reeds and the like and it doesn't always apply in winter.

The New Boardwalk and Bridge

So far, it looks as if it will achieve all we want of it

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