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Posted: 5 January 2020

I went to pick up the wildlife camera today which, for for the past few days has been set up behind the reed bed pointing south.

This first clip of the sequence was captured on Friday at 22:12. It seems the fox was spooked by something, perhaps the infra-red lighting from the camera and quickly disappears back towards the dyke.

A male muntjac arrives, perhaps also having come from the path on the right which is a few feet from the western boundary dyke. Captured on Saturday morning at 04:43. He seems to stop to scratch himself before strolling out of shot.

Now it's Saturday evening at 19:59 and this time it's a female Muntjac that is visiting the grounds. She starts with a quick lick to the body before leaving shot by climbing the embankment that takes her to the reed bed.

The last clip in the sequence was also taken on Saturday night, about an hour and a half later, at 21:41. Rather than take a direct route to the reed bad up the embankment, this animal takes the path instead.

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