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Posted: 25 February 2020

It took until 2017 before I managed to photograph My First Squirrel at Ruston House and today was another of those rare occasions when I have managed to do it - I'm ignoring those picked up by the wildlife camera. We've already seen that squirrels appear to have discovered the bird feeders that Diana has hung on the tree outside the kitchen window. Today I've got to the camera quickly enough to get some more shots.

Squirrel On Decking

It was just before 16:25 when I spotted a squirrel running towards the house along the path by the dyke. I rushed upstairs to get my camera which, as usual, was in the bedroom. Looking out of the window I saw that the animal was taking a few moments to decide whether to jump up onto the decking. Once it did it then paused allowing me to get my first image.

Squirrel On Decking

It then dashed to pause for a few moments behind the next lamp on the decking before rushing on when I took my next image.

Squirrel On Tree

At that point I came downstairs and, sure enough, found it was attempting to obtain nuts from the bird feeder by the kitchen.

Squirrel On Tree

It spent a minute or two there before seeming to give up when it climbed to a slightly higher branch before leaving our view. On other occasions we have seen them having more success with the nuts dropped on the ground under the feeder.

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