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Posted: 30 May 2020

This week I moved the camera back into the grounds of Ruston House. I sited it on the path by the retaining wall. That, of course, is an area that all of us humans, the Green Team, Diana and I pass backwards and forward along quite frequently, and that's what could be seen on a good proportion of the 40 clips captured this week.

There's nothing remarkable going to happen to this pigeon. The clip was captured at 05:43 on Tuesday morning. The only reason for including it in the week's collection is that the bird stays in shot for the full minute of the clip - and that is unusual,

Definitely the star clip of the week. You'll notice the mother Muntjac first, then the youngster will catch your attention, before you realise dad is there as well. Captured at 05:15 on Wednesday morning.

Blink and you'll miss it! The reason for including it is because the the camera angle happened to work particularly well, so you might almost think it was done for the camera by trained pigeons! Captured on Thursday at 09:54.

The only night shot worth viewing this week. Again it's just a clip that proves we have Muntjac at all times of day and night. Captured this morning at 01:12.

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