Ruston House

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Go to Top A Newt is Scooped into a Dustpan

Photo: 8 November 2020
Text: 8 February 2022

It's true! We're stretching the point to call our kitchen part of "The Grounds", but it's not unreasonable to keep all wildlife reports in one area within the site and "The Grounds" is where we see most wildlife.

Common Newt

It was a bit of a shock to see what, at first, we thought was a lizard on our kitchen floor. It was scooped up into a dustpan and photographed before being taken outside. So what you see in the picture, beside the animal is the rubber "blade" on the leading edge of the pan and our terra cotta floor tiles.

Research on the Internet suggested that we had was not a lizard but a newt. However, we're prepared to be persuaded otherwise, as nowhere could I find a report of either being found inside houses.

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