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Posted: 30 January 2022

It was shortly after lunch and I was upstairs changing in order to start work clearing the debris floating in the lake and I saw a lone swan come under the bridge towards the house. By the time I had grabbed my camera it was much closer.

A Swan

In one way this is unremarkable as this is about the we expect to see them. Indeed, Diana and I had been talking about how it was late for the geese to arrive only a few days ago and wondering if they had finally given up on using our lake to breed. When the swans do arrive sometimes we see one on its own. In other years it is a pair that arrives first. Either way one can expect to see battles once there's more than a pair.

A Swan

It turned out that although I had only seen one, there was another that was exploring the middle channel of the lake at the time I took my photographs.

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