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Posted: 1 February 2022

Yesterday I found that, along with a large number of twigs and small branches, Storm Corrie had brought "Dave" down. So today, a little after the Swan Stand Off incident, I went back to take a photograph.

Dave is our red deer sculpture that stands on one of the highest points in our grounds, which, if you happen to approach from the Poor's Allotment, appears to stand guard by the bridge over the dyke to Ruston House. It is also sited with the intention of taking visitors by surprise as they approach The Manna when coming from the house.

Deer Sculpture Down

"Dave" was so named by the Green Team who did most of our lake and grounds work over most of the last six years. It turns out the he stood for almost exactly two years. He'd been held upright by screwing two of this legs into short piles driven into the ground. They were simply short lengths of 3" diameter tree stakes, but a look at the screw thread showed that screwing into end grain on the posts was not going to hold for long. I still have to find the time to get him upright again.

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