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Posted: 2 February 2022

It's been a couple of years but, once more, we find a newt in the house. The first time was in November 2020 when it was found in the kitchen.

In the first couple of years living here, newts were seen outside under the decking by the lake. They were more orange coloured, half the size of the two seen inside the house and they moved fast enough into hiding under the decking that I never managed to capture them on camera.

Common Newt

Last time the mystery was how the newt got into the kitchen and no less so this time. While the office does have an external door that is opened most days to receive post and goods that we've ordered it is on the opposite side of the house from the lake.

The first photo shows it just reaching the threshold of of the shower room. It didn't seem to like the flash of the camera and it made quite a dash for the gap under the door, but we had opened it before it got there.

Common Newt

The second picture shows the newt on the tiled floor of the shower room. You can make out the fibres wrapped around its feet which it picked up while on the carpet. After that we picked it up and placed it on the step outside the office door, hoping it would find its way to somewhere more natural for it to hide.

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