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Posted: 9 February 2022

We reported on three days of Debris Clearance on 30 January. That certainly was not the end of it! I photographed another small collection today that we managed to reach with a rake and lift onto the bank from the decking behind the house. And that ignores other small loads that have been lifted out of the lake when there's been a few minutes to spare.

Debris in Wheelbarrow

Probably all of the contents of the barrow can be associated with the work that was done, last November, to dredge the area of lake behind the neighbouring cottages. The green leaves are from the lilies that have been removed. You can make out plenty of straight reed stalks, most blackened from being under water for a long period. The light beige leaves are from more recently cut, or wind blown reeds

The mystery items are the collection of long birch and alder twigs, also apparently darkened from a long period in the water. It's the kind of material we see brought down in winter storms, but if they really have been underwater a long time why have they risen to the surface now? My best guess is that they had become trapped somehow amongst the material dredged from the lake and were held underwater somehow rather than become waterlogged and sunk. Does anyone know better?

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